All thing that related to my work experience, my thought about all the problem that i ever face, my problem solution,  my manufacturing frame, my question ,,,etc,,etc,,,you’ll find it here.

Think back about my working journey i guess I have work as an Engineer, Supervisor, Manufacturing , Reverse engineering, QA, & Project Management and suddenly i realize that some of the important thing on all the details that i have known might be missing, forgoten, (typical he,,he,),,,just because it wash away by the time

it’s slip from my mind just like that,,,so i wan’t to catch that before it totally disapear from my life and from my lauzy memory , just to keep me remember it, and if it found to be usefull for anybody ,,i would be happy to share it

I will update it on timely basis, along the time during  my spare time

My Work Journey(Click the link)

– Carbon Content Steel clasification and alloy steels
– Helium Test
– Pickling
– How To Perform Tack Weld
– Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)
– Project Transfer Management


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