My Work Journey

All things that related to my work experience, my thought about all the issues  that i ever face, my approach  to find solution, My work frame, my questions and my answer,,,etc,,etc,,,you’ll find it here.

Think back about my work  journey i guess  i realize that some of the important thing on all the details that i have known might be missing, forgotten, (typical he,,he,),,,just because it wash away by the time, it’s slip from my memery mind just like that,,,

So i wan’t to catch that before it totally disappear from my life and from my lazy memory , just to keep me memorize it,and it’s always nice to looking back again on it some time in future, and if it found to be useful for anybody ,,I would be honored  to share it

I will update it on timely basis, along the time during  my spare time,,,if there is

My Work Journey(Click the link)

– Carbon Content Steel clasification and alloy steels
– Helium Test
– Pickling
– How To Perform Tack Weld
– Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)
– Project Transfer Management


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